Closed Captions look terrible - Fios tv one

I'm using a Fios TV One box and turned on closed captioning, which looks surprisingly terrible on my 4K TV? Blurry, stretched...

When viewing Netflix or anything on Apple TV, the captions are sharp and perfectly legible. Why the major difference on the fios box? I've tried several setting combinations and didn't  get results.

Has anybody else run into this issue? Were you able to fix it?

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Community Leader

There was a discussion here a while back that had no solution. Apparently the captions are in SD, even though the image is in HD or even 4K. Sorry to say but it seems not enough complaints to cause change. Try here and see what they say.

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Having the same problem. 

It looks like garbage- font and spacing from the 80's, and not in a cool retro way.

Contacted support, and they obviosulty weren't very useful. 

It's RAELLY disappointing that the latest most advanced set-top box will have such poorly implemented feature.