Complaint — Cable Boxes
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I pondered the question until it became quite clear. How can Verizon increase their revenue and make lots more money than they already do? Well, first I imagine there is a round table discussion to seek answers. Then, a list is put together to determine what features Verizon FIOS customers appreciate most. The list is then narrowed until agreement on one specific feature — the channel and clock on the cable box. What to do? Provide Verizon FIOS customers with a new cable box that has a blank display — NO CHANNEL NUMBER, NO CLOCK. When customers complain they are told Verizon can provide a different cable box that will, in fact, display what customers seek. The only caveat — a $50.00+ charge for a different cable box and, of course, a $100.00 charge for the technician to visit one’s home if, as is often the case, the customer is unable to uninstall the box, return it to a Verizon store, and then reinstall the new box! The round table discussion is over — Verizon now has a new source of revenue. The only remaining question is whether Verizon FIOS customers will make a switch, on principal, to a different carrier. The round table attendees concur — who cares? We’re making lots more money!

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