Complimentary HBO access to HBO apps
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I recently received complimentary HBO until October. However, whenever I try to log into HBO Go or HBO Now apps with my verizon account it tells me that I need to have a subscription to HBO. Why can't I use these apps if I'm subscribed?

Re: Complimentary HBO access to HBO apps
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Its possible that the complimentary HBO doeent include access, or it may be the basic logon problem that often exists for these external video sites.  See my comments about logging on below.

A bunch of things lead to problems loging into HBO GO and many other Online Channel sites.

  • You must get HBO (or whatever channel you are trying to use) from Verizon
  • At least the first time you may first have to sign out of the Verizon site.  It gets confused easily.  I.e. if you don't sign in because you already were, it fails to store the necessary infomation.
  • You must allow third party cookies
  • You must be running Flash, Flash must be allowed to store info for third parties.  Not sure what they use insead of Flash where its not supported.
  • You must not have your Browser options set to delete Information when exiting Browser.  Flash takes this as deleting information when exiting a site.

The general way it works is for you to go to HBO GO site.  Ask to look at something and it switches in a FRAME pointing to VERIZON and you signin. Verizon stores some information in flash and returns. That information must still be there so that HBO accepts you as authorized.