Congrdulations verizon- You just won my award for worst customer support ever.
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So I am sure that most of you know that trying to get support from Verizon is harder than climbing Mount Everest.

 I bought three replacement remotes and none of them will program properly. Ny first try for help was the Chat feature. i was told there was a wait and I said i would wait. After about 15 minutes an agent came on. He.she said Hi and so did I. the i typed a fairly long explanation of my problem and in response the agent asked what was my problem.

So I types it over again. While waiting for a reply I got a pop-up from verizon saying my session would be cut off in about a minute and a half and was presented with the option to continue or end the session. I chose continue and the result was I got disconnected from the chat and the site.

So i figured i better try doing via my phone, It is almost impossible to get in touch with a human being since the verizon widgets are mostly useless and leave one frustrated to the max. So after doing the 10 minute waste of time verizon puts us through i still could not get a human being to help and despite it being within their posted hours, i was told it was now closed and i could schedule a callback. So i tried to do that.

 I was able to select tomorrow and wast informed by the bit that I could choose times from 9 am to 6pm- what I should do was push the numbers for what time and hit the #key. I type in 11 and hit the key and was told that was not a valid time. I tried it again, same result. So I tried 12, was told it was not a valid times and then and I wound up being cut off and hung up on.

Be warned you need somewhere between 2 and 4 hours to get any real help. Mist of the stuff posted on the site I have tried doesn't work. it is a waste of time even to try,

So I made the mistake of trying the remote programming widget which was a joke and failed to work properly when I followed the directions.

There is no doubt that verizon is the least user friendly company I have dealt with since I first went onto the internet in 1999 when it was dial-up.

Verizon fails their customers in terms of support in virtually every area. Normally I will never use this site for anything besides ordering a replacement remote. One if a fold even to try. The shopping process is made so unclear it too is a joke.

I will say there is one good feature to verizon and it is what keeps us with them so far. Their system is self powered. So when there is a power failure we do not lose service, verzon has found other ways to cause those problems. The only way we lose service in a power outage is if the cause also resulted in cutting verizon wires as well.


A bunch of 12 year old kids could probably build a better system without a doubt 😞

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