Connecting Mini via A/V Receiver

Recently replaced older Server/Clients with TV One. Two connected directly to TV’s (Both clients a.k.a. TV One Mini). Two connected via A/V Receivers (One DVR/Server and one Mini). The one connected from DVR/Server->A/V Receiver->Samsung TV works fine. The mini in the same configuration does not. Older Client with exact same connections (Coax in->HDMI Out to Receiver->HDMI out to TV) using exact same cabling works. New Mini does not. Suspect HDCP  compatibility or handshake issue. I can get this to work by going Client/Mini->TV->A/V Receiver via HDMI ARC but then lose the ability to have onscreen menu control of A/V Receiver. Have tried newer HDMI cables and changing startup sequence to no avail.

Anyone run into this issue and have a more elegant solution?


Re: Connecting Mini via A/V Receiver
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Community Leader

Depending on the age of the receiver, it most likely is if the TV and Receiver are 4K capable as you said an HDCP issue. I believe the Fios One is looking for HDCP 2.2, so you need to see if the receiver is capable of that. If not, try this: