Connecting via my Denon Receiver

Hi - I am new to Verizon and just moved into a new house. I am trying to connect my Verizon cable box to a Denon AVR 1513 receiver (the previous owners left it connected). I am able to get video to the TV but the audio is not going to the speakers when connected to the receiver. Here is what I have done so far:

- The tech installed the primary cable box in my bedroom. The cable box I am installing to is the secondary one (the smaller one)

- If I connect the HDMI that is connected to the TV directly to the cable box, I am able to get Audio and Video to my TV.

- I tried 4 HDMI cables connecting the cable box to the receiver to eliminate a bad wire.

- I am able to use the tuner on the receiver and can listen to music on the speaker so I know it is connected to the speakers properly.

- I know it worked b/c the previous owners had verizon and I tested it on my inspection.

My issue is somewhere between cable box and the audio to the receiver. I am hoping someone has had this issue before when their verizon was installed.

Thoughts? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!


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I have a sound bad that i hooked to audio output of TV.

Otherwise, maybe try googling audio problems on receiver.

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HDMI out from STB to Denon input (HDMI 1 in suggeste).  HDMI out from Denon to TV.   Should not be a problem.  What exactly do you have happen? 

I never had a 1513, but many Denon also have settings for it supports passthrough so you can use the TV without the Denon turned on.  I know the specs list 4 HDMI in.  I do not see indications that the HDMI out support ARC.  But if it does, and your TV supports ARC, you can get by with the STB going directly to the TV, and passing audio back to the receiver.  This is the configuation I use with My Denons.