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Just joined this community -- but have been a Verizon customer (continuously) since before it was called "Verizon".   Moved from Annapolis MD to Auburn NY last summer and brought our service with us.

I've watched two "on-demand" movies since moving.  Had to buy both of them, since renting was not an "option" presented to me.  Watched "Post" last night -- it was an excellent and timely movie -- but my movie was interrupted several times each minute with frozen video and no sound for 1-3 second intervals.  Did not feel like playing the "call 1-800-Verizon" game and waiting 30 minutes, so just toughed it out.  I was going to open a conversation with Vertizon today about my problems with this $20 purchase, but after 1/2 hour of elevator music gave up.  I see there is no way to e-mail this issue to Verizon.  I find the chat pages annoying (I'm a web developer, not a computer novice...).   

My solution will be simple.   I will not buy or rent anymore movies on FIOS.  I could have bought "the Post"  Blu-Ray for $20.00 on Amazon, and there are an ever growing number of sources for rentals/on-line streaming.  

I guess Verizon is not interested in talking with/to their customers...

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Try twitter @verizonsupport

BTW, its quite common for movies to be available for sale before they are for rent.

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Try here

these are real Verizon help personnel which seem to be much better than here.

yeah isn’t that a hoot, a Communications company that doesn’t want to have any way of communicating with them 😀