Custom TV not Custom at all

Why is it I cannot swap out stations I will NEVER watch for channels I had on a better plan when with Charter? I don't want or need SEC or Big10 networks and want Discovery, History and NatGeo. How difficult would if be to switch those out WITHOUT charging me extra?

Re: Custom TV not Custom at all
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Community Leader

Content providers have a large amount of control over what channels have to be provided as part of their carriage contract.

Different providers can get different deals.

What you are asking for is a la carte.

That's going to be a long while.

Not to mention that people may be surprised to find out if they want channels that are not as widely watched, they will have to pay a lot more to watch it.

Some estimates have said a la carte could cost as much or more than the current channel listings for less channels.

But as always, YMMV.