Customer Service Manager Hung up on Me!!

I could not be more disappointed with the unprofessional behavior from Verizon's employees. I have been trying to get a situation resolved in which Verizon keeps saying that I owe for unreturned equipment. They are accusing me of having an adapter that I returned four years ago. They set up a faulty adapter, I told them it didn't work. They sent me a UPS box, I mailed the faulty adapter, and Verizon sent me a replacement. Four years later, I downgrade my service and miraculously I owe them for the original adapter. Even more amazing is that they only began to accuse me of this when I told them that I was downgrading my service.

For the past two months I have been receiving phone calls and text messages demanding that I return my equipment or be charged a fine. I've contacted Verizon about this several times, and they said that I do not owe anything. However the phone calls do not stop. Because this process is so confusing, I have asked multiple time for something in writing stating that the equipment has been returned. I figured that if Verizon is saying that their system shows that the adapter was returned four years ago, then they should have no problem stating that in writing. How wrong I was. I was told by two different managers on two separate occassions that Verizon does not issue anything in writing for this type of issue. It is the second instance that brought me to this complaint.

Last Friday, I spoke with a customer service manager from Texas. The conversation was in regards to this mysterious adapter. He told me that he could see that it was returned in his system. I asked him if he could put it in writing because I am still receiving phone calls. He told me that he would not, and that I could call him should I get billed for the equipment. I thanked him, but pointed out that he may not remember me when the time comes. I also asked what I should do if he should leave Verizon. Word of mouth simply is not good enough. At this point, he became irate and began speaking to me in a slow clipped tone, as if he were speaking to a child. I continued to explain why I would like something in writing. I even went on to tell him about the multiple stories online of Verizon customers who have been victims of this same error. The manager became belligerent and began to raise his voice. I raised my voice as well, and as soon as I did he hung up on me. I immediately called him back and received his voicemail. I left a message informing him that I would be filing a complaint about his behavior. I have also tried to contact him since that day, in order to resolve the issue without taking it further. He has been unresponsive.

Verizon is a very large, successful company. However, I do not feel that that is a reason for the staff to mistreat the customers. Being a Verizon customer often costs a great deal of money and patience. I feel that if a customer is loyal, especially under these circumstances, then they should never be confronted with poor, disrespectful service. And in this case I use the word service very loosely.  I would like to suggest that this manager along iwith the rest of the customer service staff at Verizon receive training in how to improve customer service. I have been a Verizon customer for almost four years now, and can only think of three instances in which the staff was courteous and helpful at the same time.  Secondly, I would like to ask if Verizon could modify their practices with return equipment. If equipment is returned by UPS, why can't Verizon issue something in writing stating that they have received it? They could send an email or a psot a notifiaction on the customers online account. This is important because the current process builds a level of distrust among the customer.

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