Customer Service

Today was the worst experience I have ever had with customer service from a company the size of Verizon.  My TV service went out last night, 07/16/19 @ 9:00pm.  I called Verizon and after several attempts, the "operator" could not resolve the issue and advised me that someone from Tech Support would need to look into the issue.  But of course, Tech Support is not available at 9pm and I was told I would receive a call tomorrow, 07/17/19 at 7:00 am.  7:00 am came and went and sure enough, no call from Verizon.  I then placed a call to Verizon and remarkably they had no idea why I was calling?  I guess the "operator" from Tuesday night never entered anything on my account concerning the issue I was experiencing and I am sure never made whatever arrangements he said he would to ensure I would receive that 7am Tech Support phone call.

Now onto the phone call Wednesday with Tech Support - 

After several attempts to rectify the problem, the Tech was unable to determine why she could not get my TV service back on.  I was on the phone for over two hours.  Supervisors were consulted, several attempts were made while I was constantly placed on hold.  Finally another customer service rep was placed on the call with myself and the Tech Support rep and while she was speaking I could not hear a word she was saying.  The Tech Support had to relay / repeat everything she was telling me.  You are Verizon and I am a Verizon customer but you could not establish a clear line so that we could communicate.  Its almost comical if it wasn't so frustrating.  

In the end this was a Verizon issue and was resolved after the TWO HOURS spent on the phone.  I am beyond frustrated with the customer service from Verizon.  They want to to upgrade me to new set top boxes new router etc.  Seriously...spend more money on top of what I am already over spending on and this is the service you provide.

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