Customer service should provide updates on the outage in zipcode area 10598

July 16, at about 11:30 AM, in Yorktown NY, a truck hit a pole and knocked out all service - TV, phone and internet, to a large number of homes in the area.  All we had for communication was our cell phone. It was very difficult to get through on the phone for support.  It's also very aggravating to hear a message to use the web site for support.  I'd use the website if I had internet service!  When we finally reach someone, the representative on the phone did not even know about the outage. He kept insisting it was just our house.  My husband had to urge him to check outages and then the rep confirmed the outage.  We were given a repair ticket number.  When I check the ticket on the Verizon web site, there is no information regarding the status.  It's been over 24 hours.  Verizon needs to improve their customer support and communications during outages.  I am very unhappy with the communication.

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The website can be used on your cell phones. You can also use the verizon app.

i hate that music also....😀