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I would like to adjust my current Fios service to reflect that we now have a Smart Roku TV and a Roku box in the house of 4 TVS. My goal is to eliminate the STBs from the equation ($800/year!!).

When I disconnect the STB box and plug the CATV directly into my TV, I get plenty of local channels so this can be my "Antennae service" (NOTE: on the Smart TV I am able to view a version of the Guide). Roku boxes at all 4 TVs will give me the additional channels/apps we are looking for and we will be as functional as needed.

Fios has a 2 yr. promo for existing customers at $120/month...but it seems you MUST get STBs. I could not get around that online. I spoke to over seas Cust Srvc and am being quote $160/month for the same service, NO STBs, and 1 mandatory cable card.

Am I missing something or does this come down to STB revenue for Fios?

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Pretty similar to other providers.

Usually you can't get any TV service without a box or cable card.

So yes, it is about the money.

If not there, then fees would be higher.