DCT700 Has No Adjustment For Aspect Ratio and TV Does Not Either Produces Fat People
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I have a cheap 10" under the counter kitchen TV that has a decent picture but no control over aspecct ratio.  The output from my DCT700 box shows on that TV, depending on the channel, either a full screen with un-normally wide people and  missing info on both sides or black bars at top and bottom and a full frame horizontal picture with the wide people.  The first condition is also irritating because text is missing on screens with text (news casts).   I detest the black bars too!

I have checked extensively for alternatives to the Motorola DCT700 box and struck out.  Is there ANY solution to this problem with the same TV and DCT700?  Any 3rd party product that can be placed between the DCT700 and the TV?  I already spend a WHOPPPING $24/month to RENT 2 STBs  (why can't we buy these things?!) and will not go for a 3rd.  The TV is the only one that fits nicely in the space and also has decent size and resolution.  The old 7" Sony it replaced was too small and was dieing.

I guess what I'm asking is does a  device exist that can alter the aspect ratio of the DCT700 output and input the correct aspect format to the TV?  The TV does have an HTMI input but the DCT700 does not have an HDMI output so I am using RCA cables to connect the two.

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