DVD Player has no video?

Verizon set up my configuration incorrectly during installation and I had reconfigured to work properly.  I was working fine for several months and then one day the DVD player stopped working.  I have sound but no video.  The dvd player works fine as I tested it on a TV running DirectTV.  I called Verizon and they told me that they did not change any signals and they do not support any external connections. 

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.   I have been without my DVD player for over a month and I miss it!

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whether a dvd player works or doesn't work has nothing to do with the fios itself.  it has to do with whether a) its working or b) its connected properly, and c) if you're accessing it properly.

best way to get it fixed is to take a look at it, and how it's hooked up.  I don't suggest plugging it into the verizon box like a chain (wall cable to the verizon stb, to the dvd player to your tv)   but imo it's better to have them seperated from one another.  meaning wall cable to the verizon stb to the tv. 

then seperately plug your dvd player directly into the tv.     

your tv has the ability to switch between different sources.  

a source is what is providing the picture.   your dvd player is a source and your stb is a source.  so to your TV that is two sources.

If it works TODAY on a different tv or different box, then we know that it's a working box, it might just be a simple wiring issue or tv option for us to get you back on track. 

Now Verizon does provide wiring diagrams for how it should be plugged into their box.  Use the below diagrams.  

If you need help beyond the diagrams below, let us know how it is hooked up today, and we can tell you the best way to have it hooked up.  there are a couple different options to do that.  

Wiring Diagrams The model, size, and color of your FiOS TV equipment may vary. To find the wiring diagrams for your Set-Top Box, DVR, or digital adapter, select  your specific equipment model below:

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