DVR - Add favorites
Contributor - Level 3

So, there are a couple of things that could be improved here.  When you go to add or remove favorite channels, it should first have a choice to filter HD or SD, instead of having to wait and scroll down and down,etc.  Also, it should have a filter to limit to channels we are subscribed to only. That would really help speed this up.   Then after added, when we have the tv setting to ALL channels, it should tag the channels that are favorites 1 or 2 so we know what they are from the view there too.  I know we can set it to view only fav 1 or 2, but sometimes i want to run through all and see what i have set up there too, instead of going to System and going through there.  Should show on screen if it is FAV 1 or 2 when you choose ALL channels to view,etc. These are just suggestions to make this better.