DVR, Live TV, and Number of Channels

Hello -

New verizon customer and just have a question regarding live TV and the DVR service.

I have two boxes and multi-room DVR capability. My main DVR box is in my living room, and whenever I have two channels being recorded at the same time on that TV, I can only actually watch one of those two channels. In other words, if i'm recording Channels A and B, I cannot watch Channel C while A and B are recording. I can only watch A or B.

However, if I go into my other room with my second box, THAT box is capable of watching Channel C while A and B are recording.

Can some please explain to me why this is?

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I am in a similar situation before I upgraded to Quantum.

My old living room box (media server) is capable of tuning to two channels, either recording or watching, so I record one and watch one or record two. My bedroom has a separate box, with its own tuner, so I can then record 2 in the living room and watch one separately in the bedroom.

I upgraded to Quantum where the media server can tune to and record/watch 6 different programs, though a more expensive level of Quantum you can record/watch more than 6.

Hope this helps.