DVR Problem...not able to record

This has been an unresolved issue for sometime with no help from Verizon tech support.  The problem is we have 2 Multiroom dvrs set up in MBr and Family Room.  The Master bedroom dvr does not list the Family room dvr when we want to record and/or watch recordings that are on the family room dvr.  All the minis include both the Master and Family room for recording and the family room includes the master bedroom for recording.  Can someone give a reason why the MBr can't record shows to the Family room dvr or even watch shows that have been recorded to the family room dvr.  The master bedroom stb has been replaced twice, the router has been rebooted as well as the STB in master bedroom and still does not have record/watch capability to the family room dvr.  Any suggestions are worth trying and thanks for your time.

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