DVR Recordings Deleted/Unable to Schedule Recordings

A few weeks ago, I noticed that all my DVR recordings (DVR was at about 55% full), and all of my scheduled series had been deleted. I think perhaps there was an update around this time? While I'm upset all of my recordings were deleted, I understand things mess up sometimes. However, since then, I have been unable to schedule any recordings! Sometimes, I can manage my DVR to recognize a recording I schedule, it'll show on the guide, but not in the DVR menu, and it never actually gets recorded. 

I've tried fixing the DVR with their reboots and all, but it never makes a difference. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Also, sometimes (I think it's when I try to set a series to record), I'll get a prompt that say whether I want to import my series from another device. Pressing No doesn't do anything - the series doesn't show up. Pressing Yes causes a reboot which then also doesn't do anything.