DVR Remote Problems
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On a couple of our DVRs when I watch recorded programs after about 10 minutes or so I will often lose the ability to control things from my remote (all functions).  I have to go up to the box and hit channel up or down and then I regain control of the remote.  This happens on two different DVRs that we have.  I have put brand new batteries in both of them, but still get the same issues.  Have others experienced this?  It is relatively new as we've had both remotes and DVRs for 8 months without any issues. 

Re: DVR Remote Problems
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Hello mdr227. There has been a fair amount of discussion regarding remote issues, and if you look to the bottom of the main menu page you will see the word "remote" is highlighted as a frequent topic. I have experienced some of the problems which you report, and attributed my issue to IR interference emitted by the TV itself. Some report success at mitigating the problem by changing TV picture modes from "vivid" to "standard", while others report success by disabling light sensors that automatically adjust TV picture for ambient light. You might try those to start with, and see if that helps.  Thank you.