DVR Service was Terminated, Lost Recordings

They can't erase your hard drive, but they can terminate your DVR service so you don't have access to your recordings. That's what happened to me, and even though I was forced to buy DVR service again, technicians were not able to restore it.

A Salesman who sold me the horrible FiOS One box told me that my recordings would be saved on the cloud. That's a lie. The saleswoman who sold me a renewal of my old contract told me I would have the same service including multi-room DVR. The written contract that I agreed to via email did not indicate they were removing my DVR service. They lied. They cut the access to my DVR service and I have no access to One of a Kind recordings that won't be played on TV again for me to see. And of course now I'm stuck in a 2 year contract with a $350 termination fee and cable service that I have no use for.

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Community Leader

Keep in mind that if the DVR had failed, you would have lost those recordings anyway.
Verizon doesn't look at the DVR as long term storage.

It is just for you to be able to defer watching something.

And quite possibly, even if you had cloud service, it would have gone away when they removed DVR service.
Did the email show you waht services you would have?