DVR clients hang multiple times per day

My DVR clients (IPC1100) freeze multiple times per day.  My set up was a non-DVD setup with an older generation set of three FiOS CATV boxes, all using RF.  It worked fine for years. 

In the new setup the media server (VMS1100) has always worked.  No skips, no hangs, no pixiation.  If my clients worked this well it would be ideal.  

All of the coax connections have been inspected and the splitters have been replaced and reduced to the smallest possible number.   Thinking that there may still be a coax problem we switch over to ethernet, on a dedicated 1Gb swith and all new cat5 wiring.  We alo rurther reduced the total number of splitters to one 2-way 3.db splitter.  One tap for the modem the other tap for the MVS1100. 

To be sure my older modem/router provided by Verizon was not the issue, it was replaced on Thursday, with no improvement. 

There was no change, positive or negative, in the behavior of the IPC1100s.  

It does not matter if I am watching live TV or a previously recorded DVR show.  

I'm starting to think that the boxes them self are part of the problem.  I've seen multiple reports of problems just like mine, but no resolution.  

Anyone else have this problem and find a resolution?