DVR misses programs
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Lately my DVR has been missing programs set to record. I have a schedule set up to record new shows only. The other night it missed a new Detroit 187 show that was new. I checked my programming and it should have recorded it. The previous week it did record. It has missed several other shows setup to record previously. Anybody else seen this?

Re: DVR misses programs
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The problem is most likely with the network scheduling.  If you have it set to record at 10:00PM and have only at scheduled time as an option and the network starts it at 10:01PM in the schedule, it won't record.  Try changing your options for any time on selected channel.

Re: DVR misses programs
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It may also be the "new" flag in the guide was missing. The company that provides the Verizon Guide info is notorious for getting their info wrong and not setting the flags correctly. So if the "new" flag is not set and your DVR is set to record new only, then it didnt know that that was a new show.

What I've started doing is just set a manual recording for my important shows. Just tell it to record that channel at that time every week. It's a bother but this way I get all the shows. You can also tell it to record all show with repeats and just delete the extras, but that eats up the limited storage on the box.

Re: DVR misses programs

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