DVR not deleting oldest programs

Whenever my DVR gets close to 100% full, the currently recording program just stops being recorded.   An hour show might be 40 minutes in and then the recording just stops.  If I manually delete old programs until the DVR is only 50% full (as an example), then all is OK.

I have all of the shows sets to "Save Until Space is Needed", so I'm not sure why the oldest ones aren't just being deleted automatically.  None have marked to "keep until I delete".

Any thoughts on why the oldest shows aren't automatically being deleted to make room for the currently recording shows?



Re: DVR not deleting oldest programs
Enthusiast - Level 3

One possibility is if the program is currently flagged as being watched.  For example, if I start a show and then pause it, then switch to live TV, then I cannot delete that show on remote DVR because it thinks it is currently being watched. 

Try that- see if you can delete them via Remote DVR on the web.