Default channel set to 501 - FIOS News.

I'm reopening this old thread.  My old DVR died, and I got a replacement.  I knew about the Last Channel Viewed setting (the dead DVR was set that way), and I set the new DVR that way (rather than FIOS News).  However, the DVR still insists on showing me Channel 501 when I turn on the DVR.

I've tried explicitly setting the start-up channel to FIOS News, turned the DVR off, and turned it on again.  The DVR was tuned to channel 501, as expected.  Then I changed the setting to Last Channel Viewed, tuned to a different channel (not 501), turned the DVR off, then on again.  As it came on, I fleetingly saw the channel I had previously tuned to, then the DVR switched to channel 501.

I have tried a full reset (reboot), but that did not change the outcome.


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What model DVR is it?

Not a solution, but there is no real reason to turn off DVR.
It doesn't use any less power when off vs on.