Delete DVR HISTORY automatically after specific time frame
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I find it annoying to keeping viewing History in DVR to delete the entries. In Setup, we should be given an option to habe entries older than 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc to be automatically deleted if we so choose. That way , we do not have to go in to reclaim the space that history takes up. I do alot of recording so there are always long lists of pgms to delete in history when I REMEMBER to view/delete them. The longer the list is to delete the longer it takes to complete the deletion, as well. This concept is used by some email programs that automatically delete items in trash folder older than specific number of days so the trash folder does not get so large.

And, of course, if there are people that do not want auto deletion then they do not have to select it and nothing will have changed for them and their current setup stays the same.

Re: Delete DVR HISTORY automatically after specific time frame
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No reason to clean up history.

They are just there until needed.

Ifspace is needed for new recordings, their space will be used.

Thats why DVR doesn't show 100% if you have a lot o deleted content.