Difference Between Fios ARRIS VMS 4100 Model Z216 and Model Z206

I'm looking for any information on the technical difference between the two ARRIS VMS4100 models.  One is model Z216, the other Z206.  I recently upgraded from a legacy system comprised of a QIP7332 and several QIP7100s and received 1 VMS4100 Z216, 1 VMS4100 Z206, and 3 IPC4100 minis.  The Z206 shows up on the network as a P2.  We had some issues with the install, and verizon tech support "decided" that one of the VMS4100s needed to be deprogramed to function as a IPC4100.  He asked me which one, and I randomly picked the one with the least recordings.  It turns out he deprogramed the VMS4100Z216.  That action turned the VMS into an IPC, however it would not function multi-room.  So then I was told to exchange that VMS for a mini.  I did and as soon as my inventory record lost that VMS, the system thinks I do not have DVR service.  One tech, among many phone calls said they deprogramed the lead VMS, and left me with the secondary VMS which will not function correctly on its own but he did not help me correct the problem and virtually every other tech cannot seem to understand there are two versions of the VMS4100.  It has been 11 days, and my supposed "DVR Enhanced multi-room" system is a shambles.  It does record and let me see/play the recordings in the home, but there is no access via mobile My Fios TV or on the web.  Both continue to say there is no DVR in my account.  

I'm hoping someone will provide me with enough insight on how the VMS models work, and how they work together, so I can assist the tech assist in fixing this once and for all.  Thanks