Disappointed that Hallmark M&M channel is left out of the extreme pack!
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For the money I pay for the extreme pack, I am extremely disappointed that Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel (739) in my area was deleted. I am not paying the additional. Fortunately, can stream it for free but Verizon, you did that on purpose! Not Cool! And I noticed the prior forum conversation on this was "locked" for current relevancy, but really Verizon, you just don't want us to highlight that you deleted the channel from the package forcing customers to go to the ultimate package. Again, not cool. I have been a customer since 2002, and it's not right.

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Unfortunately for Verizon (and other providers) it is a business decision.

Providers have to pay for every subscriber that has a channel in their package.

If there is not enough viewership to justify the cost, channels can be removed.

Only other option would be to raise the price of a package to cover the costs.