Disappointing FIOS TV service

Am I the only person that is disappointed and unhappy with the FIOS TV service, particularly the DVR boxes?

I have 7216 P1 and 6416 P2 DVR boxes and I waited patiently for many months for Release 1.6.2 to get to me (VHO 3303).  After living with the update for about a month now I am really disappointed that it didn't improve the performance deficiencies of the boxes.  It did fix the problem of the 7216 box sometimes recording just the first few seconds of a program but didn't otherwise improve the overall poor perfomance of the processing speed of the box as it tried, sometimes unsuccessfully, to respond to commands from the remote control.

An example: I have my 'skip forward' set for 30 seconds.  When I'm watching a previously recorded program and I press the skip forward button any one of three things will happen: 1) it will skip forward 30 seconds, 2) it will skip forward about 1 second and then go back, or 3) although the box responds that it received the command, nothing will happen.  In any event, if I don't pause about 1-2 seconds between each push of the button it won't process the command.  The 'skip back' command, which I have set for 10 seconds, behaves in much the same way.

It seems that the Motorola boxes don't have enough processing power to handle a command.  My neighbors that have DirecTV (not through Verizon) of Dish satellite service don't have these problems and it is much easier for them to skip through commercials and land right at the continuation of the program without having to constantly go back and forth because the Verizon DVR acts inconsistently in response to commands from the remote control.  I know satellite and cable (fiber or otherwise) use different technologies but I don't care.  I'm only interested in the quality of the service provided to me; I pay Verizon too much to accept deficient performance.

Anyone else unhappy?

Re: Disappointing FIOS TV service
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I suspect many here consider the Verizon DVR products to be very much a work in progress, and are not happy at paying $20 a month for a Home Media DVR that has so many bugs. Fixes are slow, and often don't make much of a dent on the existing problems.

my opinion anyway