Dislike FIOS TV and Arris VMS1100
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We have had FIOS for a year and while we like the quality of the Internet (low ping), we really dislike the FIOS TV for various reasons.

1) Channel lineup with TV essentials. The channel lineup with the TV essential plan is quite terrible, as it is missing ESPN and even TBS. WeAre coming from Satellite TV and even the cheapest channel plan has always included these two channels.

2) Horrible user interface for the Arris VMS1100 DVR box. We think that the GUI for the DVR box is quite terrible for the following readons

 a) it requires many clicks to get rid of unsolicited offers for demand titles  etc.

 b) There is no way to getting rid of the channels that we do not have subscribed too. This leads us to clicking on channels that we cannot access and instead we get an offer to subscribe, which adds to the problem above.

c) The Arris remote does not work well with other components like my HDMI receiver and third party remotes do not seem to work with the Arris DVR box.

While I like the picture quality of  FIOS (which is not really better than satellite), we are so frustrated that we would like to get rid of the FIOS TV and go to something more user friendly. Anybody has experience with the Optimum DVR box and if that one is better than the Arris FIOS box? is there a better and more user friendly FIOS box out there? We have had Sattellite TV DVR's for many years and they are light years ahead in term user friendliness.

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Verizon developed their lower plans for those that didn't want sports and don't wasn't to pay for those channels.

Its easy to have the guide only show subscribed channels.

Do menu-settings-system-last viewed guide state enabled.

Then when you hit guide choose options and subscribed channels.

You  an also turn off pop ups under the system settings as well.