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Just a question I have the 500GB dvr and once in a while when I turn the box on after it is off say overnight it comes on, the tv works and I get picture but the display on the box is flashing the channel #.  If i hit any button on the remote the flashing stops and it stays steady.  Just wondering what that means?  I have been having other issues with the box so if this is another one then I'm gonna have to address them all. 

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That happens to me almost every day and I've read others complain about it too. I have no idea what it means but it is very annoying. 


Yep, I also have experienced the flashing. I have had the box about a month, I have noticed it do this maybe three or four times. I never turn the box off, but I will be watching something and suddenly notice that the display is flashing, never seems to stop until I take some action. Everything on the box seems to work just fine though, no issues for me at all. Strange....

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