Dodger TV Blackout

Well, it's bad enough that 70% of cable/satelite subscribers can't watch any Dodger games on TV because of the Time Warner fiasco. But, when a few games of the year are scheduled on independent sport networks like ESPN or ESPN2 are blacked out locally, then it really hurts! Verizon Fios, Dodger website and ESPN had the 4/08/15 Dodger game scheduled on ESPN2. When I went to tune it in just before the game, the announcers said the Dodger game was coming up next, but it never happed!!

Re: Dodger TV Blackout
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Don't blame Verizon for this one. All professional sports leagues have rules about when and where a game can be televised. Verizon, like all carriers, is contractually obligated to obey the broadcast rules of the leagues. 

The same rules apply to all cable and satellite providers in the market.