Does how a technician installs FiOS determine TV quality?


I have a question. Does it matter how a technician installs FiOS that would determine TV quality?

A long story short is...former Custer, loved Verizon, great everything especially TV, left for 2 months and came back, new order on June 10, got a certain package which turned out not to be what I had ordered. Verizon messed up BAD today and I ended up canceling order and tech came out for nothing. Aisde from being given wrong package...the tech installed FiOS in a way I've never seen. He separated the bottom piece of the box and connected it to a different wall...when everything was already connected...all he had to do was che k to make sure Comcast didn't cut the FiOS hookup which demanded they not do when I got a non-contract with them. The picture was so bad on all 3 TVs of which 2 are smarttvs and HD and one is 4k smarttv. The picture looked as if we were watching a VHS tape... It was awful! Then in order to get the channels I wanted, I had to pay $80 more....I said NO NO NO....I don't have to get this mess. I stayed with Comcast.... For now....does anyone know if a bad picture is caused by a bad hookup?

Re: Does how a technician installs FiOS determine TV quality?
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But don't understand when you say bottom piece of box.

What box?

Is it just the power supply that he moved?

Can you provide pics?