Re: Dolby Digital not working
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I just messed with this more and luckily the menu wasn't as finicky as it has been in the past. It looks like there are options beyond 150, (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300), and Lip Sync can be set to any of those in Manual mode, or Lip sync can just be set to Auto, or Off. 

The ideal options were quite comical given the TV was set to 100 by default, and Fios was set to Auto by default.  My TV is a Samsung Q80R.. hopefully this helps someone with the same setup (Samsung Q80R, Sonos, Fios One):

TV: 0

Sonos: 0

Fios: Lip Sync=Off

I found a combination that worked with Auto Lip Sync on Fios and some offset on the TV, but that affected other sources (ie - streaming Netflix from my phone).. so in the end, just turn it all off despite the defaults..

Re: Dolby Digital not working

Apply the offset that worked on the TV to the Fios box, and set the TV to what works now. That should be good for all sources.