ESPN Full Court Press issues

Every year, I pay extra for the NCAA Basketball package ESPN FULL COURT PRESS.  I never had a problem before On Verizon or Comcast.  This year, Verizon can't seem to keep it working.  The package goes out like I have not been subscribed.  When it's on, it will shut off in the middle of the game. I have missed the entire season thus far. I have spent HOURS on the phone with support.  They have rebooted my boxes, opened ROCK tickets, replaced the DVR box.  It still goes out.  Oh, a fx here is the kicker... When it's on, they are only broadcasting it in STANDARD DEFINITION.  Really?????  I can not believe I am actually paying for this horrendous service. 

Please, someone from Verizon figure this out.  I will not put up with this next year.  I will change service if it isn't figured out soon.