= WatchESPN not getting our account credentials to watch via Chrome or Firefox
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this has been going on for a while now, i can watch the ESPN channels live right nere from the verizon website (which has no features other than live feeds and no DVR controlls, nor archived games) yet the signin feature through ESPN results in an infinate loading icon for anything other than vanilla ESPN3 broadcasts.

Google Chrome with its Pepperflash

Firefox with last offical Adobe Flash for linux 11.2

every other flash based service, including paid/locked/DRM subscription services work(, NBA League Pass Broadband, NFL Rewind, Directv Sunday Ticket Online, Live, TNT Overtime, NHL Centerice/Classic ect.....all except ESPN and they defer any blame to the ISP.

either put the full bevy of features that's player has on this site, which means the archived games and all the stations (Longhorns/SEC ect.. rather than the pointless "clips" or come up with some way to tie our account to just like how Facebook or Google lets you tie different sites and get rid of this obvious middleman issue and have the verified accounts synced and provide access.

thank you.

PS - dont give me a copy/paste responce about "clearing my cache/cookies" and "unplug my router for 10 seconds"

Re: = WatchESPN not getting our account credentials to watch via Chrome or Firefox

@ Verizon - this is a real issue.  Why are you unable to fix/tie logins to watching ESPN online?  Works for all other major service providers and, c'mon now, it's football season!

Re: = WatchESPN not getting our account credentials to watch via Chrome or Firefox
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You are not talking to VERIZON here but to peers.  If you want Verizon support look at their "contact us" options on all pages.

Note watchespn does work but it is sometime tricky.  Need to allow FLASH (and may have to be real Adobe flash, although I Never used any other version), you must allow third parties to save items (the third party in this case is verizon which will save info for WatchESPN to check).  You must not have cookies set to delete when you leave your browser as this is honored by flash and done when you leave the signon but before WatchESPN checks that credentials were stored.  For some of these sites I found you must FIRST logout of the Verizon pages, before going to the channels webpage so that the logon will occur.

Just verified it working for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  I don't use Chrome on my PCs

Since you appear to be talking about linux and mention it working for other sites, its more likely to be something that ESPN and not Verizon would have to fix.  The Verizon signons are pretty much all the same for these sites.