Easier way to browse premium on-demand titles?

My inlaws have TWC, one of the features on their system that makes me oddly jealous is that you can browse all on-demand titles in one screen, you don't have to go through each individual On-Demand category (eg: You have to indivudally go to HBO, Starz, etc.. to see what movies are On Demand).

Is there a way to do this that I'm missing? I really wish that was possible, its so annoying I end up just giving up on finding something ondemand. 

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Are you looking for something in particular? The "B" button opens the search. Cant really see why you would want to see a listing of all the tiles. The list could be 1000 or more tiles long (not sure how many tiles there are). Im not sure how TWC works for on demand. Do they show only title you are subscribed to? On Fios you see all the tiles if you are subscribed or not.