Editing favorites - efficiently

So, Fios has reset my favorites.

If I try to modify my list via the set-top box, it is taking a minimum of 3-5 seconds per channel.
If I press anything on the remote without waiting 1-2 seconds, it will usually not acutally take.

Given a list of over 1000 channels, that is a bare minimum of over an hour pressing buttons on the remote, and last time I tried, it reset itself after the first 10 minutes.

Please tell me there is a way to access  this information online with a useable interface.

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This is a good question.  I came here today looking for an answer to this as well.

The way it should work is to add them from the guide, not from going into the settings and guide menu.  At least from the guide you can see what kind of content the channel has, and add/remove quickly on the fly.