Eithernet or coax

So I upgraded to the new gig data service and I currently run two cables to my Tv, one is eithernet cable for Netflix and Amazon video and a Coax that goes to my multi room HD DVR box. 

So here's what I want to know,  when I watch Netflix or Amazon I get crystal clear almost flawless picture however when I'm watching Fios Channels there's always a flaw when watching HD movies, sometimes cloudiness or motion blur or streak lines in fast action shows. Should I just change my ccoax cable over to eithernet from the router to the HD / DVR Fios box? Will this give me the clear and nearly flawless picture I get with the Netflix and Amazon ? That is running via smart apps and the eithernet cable from gig router to the TV. It really just seems I get much better picture from eithernet cable running straight to the TV from the router then coax going to Fios box then from Fios box to the tv via hdmi, I know it's not the TV itself because all other devices are as I stated crystal clear if going from router to the device. Is it possible that my FIOS box is just crappy and needs to be replaced or most likely need to go from coax to eithernet for FIOS box.. apologies for any repetitive info just want to explain it correctly. Thanks All

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Couple of things:

1) if stb is VMS, then you have to use coax as TV signals come from ont as qam over coax.

2) what type of TV? Some TVs can try and over process signal causing degradation.