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Hi All,

Called Verizon today to switch service after I move and was told that while there is no way to take my DVR box with me or transfer the recordings, I will be able to view the recordings on my external HDD at my new home. Is this true?  I've seen others post on here indicating that the external HDDs are paired with DVR and the recordings will be I accessible if it's plugged into another DVR. Is that still the case and this CS rep was misinformed?  

Also I assume there still is no ability to use an external HDD with the newer Quantam DVRs?

Thanks in advance for your help. 

Re: External HDD
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Community Leader

Not sure why you can't bring old hardware with you.

External HDD is paired to DVR. So if you get another one, you lose everything on it.

And yes, quantum does not support HDD.