Extreme HD but no HBO/Showtime Included

I've been paying for the Fully Loaded Entertainment Pack for a few months and now I see that HBO and Showtime should both be included in my bundle for the Extreme HD Plan. They are the only channels from the entertainment pack I want, so obviously I'd like to stop paying $24 a month.  But the Extreme HD Plan also says that I should be receving the tennis channel, but when I go to that channel it says "Press ok to find out if this channel is part of your package" and when I press ok it says "Sorry, this program is currently unavailable. Please visit verizon.com or call blah blah". I've spoken to two  different Verizon agents that agree that I should receive all 3 of these channels with my current plan, but both times they tried to transfer me I was on hold and then the call was dropped.

I have had my current bundle for years and understand that this deal is kind of new, but I still have the Extreme HD Plan, so it should be included. Both agents checked my zip code and the deal is available in my area.

How can I rectify this issue?

I am posting this again because I would like feedback from anyone who has gone through this before, I would not like to be redirected to a Live Service Chat Agent because I just wasted an hour of my life talking to that. 

Thanks for the help.

Re: Extreme HD but no HBO/Showtime Included
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Have you tried using the Verizon Direct Forum over on DSLReports.com (requires site registration)?  It is manned by VZ people, is private (requires you to provide some identity information) and usually gets results or at least a sensible answer to problems.