`FIOS 10 Days of Fee On Demand

I received an email on the 9th that really got me excited. It notified me or a 10 day marathon for TV and Movie On demand! However, movies shown in the email such as Black Panther, Game Night, etc ARE NOT included in the marathon. It's just a bunch of older movies like you typically see for free. WOW! Whata great offer!! This really ticked me off and I was just curious if anyone else is feeling the same here. Also, I really dislike the charging for past episodes that run on regular network TV. Last year I could prety much catch up on any current season by using On Demand for regular network TV. Now, anything mode than 3 or 4 weeks old I have to pay $.99 for. WTH! It seems every time I turn around, FIOS is wanting to charge me for something else that used to be no charge. It just pushes me more and more toward the other guys.

Ticked Off

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