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We would like to authorize multiple devices to access our DVR but it seems that we can only have one device authorized at a time.

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is there a work around for this or is it intentionally desgined that you can only authorize one mobile device to access the DVR by remote or remote control apps?

for trouble shooting innfo we have the following devices.

iPod touch 4th gen

HTC G2 with google

both have the remote apps and both were able to be authorized but not at the same time when authorized the second device the first seemed to no longer be authorized and was now unable to acces the DVR or STB

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So there are two different applications:

1.  Remote DVR Access application

2.  Remote Control Application

For number one, currently on the existing IMG software you can have only a single device use the remote DVR access app.  You can however use the web access from any other device.  Your device can be located anywhere on the Internet.

From a mobile device:

From a PC/Laptop: 

For the remote control application you can have multiple devices act as your remote for the STB.  The only limitation is you must be connected to the same LAN as your STB's.

For the remote control application make sure you follow the steps to authorize each device.  Today I have an Iphone and Itouch that can control any one of our three STB's.  The remote control access should be found under widgets.  You must enable this on each STB you want to provide remote control access to.  Each STB will be designated by stb 1, stb 2, stb 3, etc.  

I hope this helps.



My question about the Remote DVR access.

1 )  is not available. What is the new one?

2) Any PC on internet can access my DVR from anywhere, when I log on my Verizon at the PC. Is this correct?

3) I have 2 PCs connected to a router. And I have 2 TVs, one is using STB and another uses DVR.

     I can access the DVR from one PC,which is using wireless connection, but I have problem with the another PC. The PC shows My Verizon correctly but when I click the DVR tab. it tries to load the info and just displays a red OK in center. No info about the DVR is displayed. How can I fix this?