FIOS Quantum STB Freezes, Ignores Remote, Ignores direct key controls

I am getting sick of this STB.  We get up in the morning and try to turn on the TV.  Every morning, the STB is frozen and will not respond to the remote, or to button presses on the box.  The only way to get it to respond is to rip the cord out of the back, and reboot forcibly. It takes about 5 minutes before it comes back to life.  The picture freezes periodically throughout the day,  The box is again unresponsive, and we need to rip the cord out of the back and reboot forcibly. 

On demand is glitchy as can be.  It freezes more than anything else, and we get pixelation on On Demand.

All of this is happening in the replacement box.  The first Quantum box we got started doing all of this, and Verizon replaced the box to fix the problem.  I have talked with countelss Verizon technicians about this, and they don't seem to have a clue how to fix it. 

Who else is having this happen? 


Re: FIOS Quantum STB Freezes, Ignores Remote, Ignores direct key controls
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I am not having such problems.  Make sure you have turned a bunch of things off such as the adverising and promos.  Note sometimes the problem is the HDMI handshake with your TV and sometimes interference from your TV screen (often occurs when some models are first turned on).  Or you could just have a Yellow fruit.

Re: FIOS Quantum STB Freezes, Ignores Remote, Ignores direct key controls
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Had the same thing happen to me when I upgraded. Chose to do a self install. I had no problems with the old equipment.

Fortunately, I had wire maintenance with Verizon for quite a few years, so I called to see if they can help and scheduled an appointment. But before the technician came, I went through all the wiring and tighten all the connections. The wiring included splitters in the living room where I tightened the connectors. On my bedroom STB, the coax connector coming into the box became loose after removing the old box and installing the new.

Prior to the above, but after the reinstall, the STB either failed to respond, or when it did, took forever to respond. Took 10 seconds to change channels, for instance. Afterwards, the response time went back to normal.

I don't know what I did in swapping out the boxes that caused the problems. Perhaps the connections were loose already and my install jogged things loose. When the Verizon technician arrived, I explained I beleived its simply an issue of loose connections, and that some connectors need to be re-crimped. So he removed the loose connector in the bedroom STB, and installed a new one. Checked out the ones in the living room, and re-crimped it for good meaure. There was no charge due to the wiring maintenance I have.

Good thing the tech guy came, and advised me that I should be using HDMI cables instead of coax cables that I had with the old sets before switching to the flat screens. Found I had the wrong screen settings on the flat screen TV and helped me adjust them. Told me he had extra HDMI cables in his truck and swapped them out with the coax.

I have to say the Verizon tech did a super job, beyond the call of duty, and the Verizon wire maintenance agreement saved the day.