FIOS SD Box Locks Up and will not respond to remote
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After a day or so of operation the SD settop box fails to respond to any remote commands, not even turn on/off.  New batteries make no difference, nor does distance to the box.  It cannotbe turned off from the front panel buttons either. The only thing that has been found to work is to turn off the power to it and let it reboot.  After it comes on line it takes a minute or so before I can change the channel.  This happens for each channel in succession for a few more minutes then it seems ok.  After a while it again stops responding and I reboot all over again.  It acts like a PC with memory leaks.  Is it possible that it is running out of memory?  Has anyone else seen this?

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Community Leader

Sounds like the box is failing.

Does it have adequate airflow around it?

Will have to contact support to get a replacement 1800Verizon.

BTW, I am not sure they are still providing SD box replacements.

And pricing of HD box may be quite similar.

You can connect a HD box to a SD tv BTW.