Re: FIOS SD Boxes Going into Screensaver Mode - STOP IT!

for people with Tivo's  it's definetely a problem with how the TIVO and STB communicate, and if you think about the steps I outlined, then you'll see that for tivo' users it's definetely a tivo problem. 

mm2006 wrote:

No, can't be a TiVO problem.  I have the same thing and never used TiVO before.  It's just how these set top boxes work.  It happens on all our set top boxes.

I've had recordings (we use a DVD-VCR since we don't have DVR) that get ruined because the box reboots during the night.  The best fix I've found is put the box on a UPS (it reduces the number of reboots due to wierd power phenomina) and now I always program the "reminder" feature which seems to power the STB back on when when the program is starting so it comes back up if they push out a software update (which has happened before).

Also, if you ever call the automated phone support thing, it tries to fix problems by rebooting EVERYTHING without asking.  Then when they come back up, they're powered off.

It's how the boxes work, just deal with it.  I've never seen a cable box work any differently even when we had Comcast.

FIOS SD Boxes Going into Screensaver Mode - Slingbox 350 reset
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This post led me to the solution.  I have a Slingbox 350 I installed last week with a Tivo and Fios SD set top box.  The remote is configured for the Tivo and works great.  While traveling this week, the power cycled at home so the FIOS box went into screensaver mode.  I though I would have to call my neighbor to go into my home to press the button on the remote, but I searched Google and found this post.

I reconfigured the Slingbox input to change the remote control and chose the set top box remote instead of Tivo.  It didn't look exactly the same as the one at home, but pressing the power button on the remote restored the video - YAY!!!!!  Then I just reconfigured the input again back to using Tivo remote and everything works as normal.  Technology rules!!!