FIOS TV One Remote Software Issues
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On March 15, 2019, a Verizon technician installed a FIOS TV One main unit and four minis at my home to replace five old set top boxes.
While we were eagerly anticipating your latest hardware, apparently due to the lack of appropriate software currently installed with the FIOS TV One Remotes my experience with 3 of the 5 remotes has been very disappointing.
Specifically, of my five HD TV setups, the new TV One Remotes only work satisfactorily with two of them, Setup 1: a Sony TV paired with a Sony audio system, and Setup 2: a Sony TV with no attached external audio system.
My third setup is a newly purchased TCL Model 32S327 TV with no external audio system. The FIOS TV One Remote won’t pair with my TV. It will not turn the TV on or off or adjust the volume. Ironically, my old original Verizon Remote Control– 4 Device still works perfectly with the TCL TV and the newly installed mini unit.
My fourth setup is a Samsung TV with a Yamaha YHT-4930UBL audio system. The FIOS TV One Remote satisfactorily controls the TV but, while it will control the volume of and turn off the external audio system, it won’t turn it on!
My fifth setup is a Samsung TV with a Logitech Z906 external audio system. The FIOS TV One Remote controls the TV but it will not pair with the external audio system.
In summary, the new FIOS TV One Remotes will not control one of my TVs and two of my audio systems. The Verizon technician posited that future software updates will hopefully address these issues. My inquiry is if future software updates can be anticipated?

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Anyone give a solution?  Having same problem with Samsung and Vizio.  It worked until they both just stopped on the same day.  

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