FIOS TV availablity in my community

I recently renewed my two-year agreement with Verizon FIOS for my internet and phone in the new community.  When I first moved in and contacted the local TV/Internet service providers, two years ago, I was told that FIOS TV would not be available until there were more customers in this development.  FIOS Internet and phone was available and they are still laying the fiber through the community, and to all the homes.  Six months ago when my contract was up for renewal, I asked about FIOS TV.  I was told that not yet but maybe soon.  So, I am paying for FIOS Internet and Phone, and paying for satellite TV, paying twice what I could be paying with a combined service (triple play type of service).  

I stopped a FIOS tech recently putting in fiber down the street and asked him what the deal was.  He explained that it’s politics with the local government and that the other service offering the triple play options controls who gets what.  I asked if it could be available, he said yes, they would just turn it on at the local office.  But told me I would not be seeing FIOS TV until the local government says so.  I told him what I thought of that and he agreed, adding, he lives in a community that is set up the same way and he can’t get FIOS TV, though the community across the street from him has it. 

Under these circumstances shouldn’t I be able to get out of my contract with Verizon, without a penalty, so I can sign-up with a company that does provide TV service in my community?

Re: FIOS TV availablity in my community
Community Leader
Community Leader

I don't think you will be able to get out of the contract. You signed for a voice and data. Not TV service.

What the tech told you is true. There are local franchises agreements (LFAs) in place from local municipalities. Not just for Verizon but all cable providers. 

What happens is a lot of municipalities will literally try to extort providers into paying a very high rate so the provider in your case Verizon will not bring in the service. The best thing you can do it to bring it up in your local council meeting.