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I just got a HDTV. Have Comcast Standard Service at present; need HD Service. Am told I need a convertor box on each TV (7). Yet I have a friend who insists she has Verizon FIOS, has only one box, and is able to receive ordinary channels on her other TV"s.

Enlighten please. Thank you. ( area code 19026 )

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You need a box on every TV for Fios unless your friend has a newer TV with a QAM tuner. QAM tuners will pick up Fios local channels and a few others without a box, but very limited.
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On the tv's without a box, there is a chance you could only receive your local channels, but that is not garunteed. But to even receive the limited channels, your tv must have a QAM tuner. It narrows your channel line up from almost 400 digital channels, down to like channels 2-79... It's ideal to get the boxes.

They offer many different boxes, in most states the boxes cost as follows:

Digital Adapter: 3.99/mo Receive full on service all channels, but minimal features. (no guide or on demand)

Std Set Top Box: 5.99/mo (NY-5.99/mo) - Receive full on service and all features. (NOT HD compatable)

HD STB: 9.99/mo (NY-5.99/mo) - Receive full on service, all features. (HD and SD compatable)

HD DVR: 15.99/mo - Receive full on service, all features, and record, rewind, and pause live tv.

HD HM DVR: 19.99/mo - Receive full on service, all features, and record, rewind, and pause live tv. Access on multiple tv's.

Assuming you're not in NY, with 7 tv's you could get set up with all three services, for like 143.92 +tax & fees. That's the full package, extreme HD covering all 7 tv's. If you wanted the premium channels (hbo, cinemax, movies) it would be like 173.92 +tax & fees.

These prices are an estimate for the areas I know for sure the pricing. Your area may be slightly different. So contact your local office or customer service at 1-888-553-1555.

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