FIOS cabling verification/checkout for new home
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I am a current FIOS customer and will be moving in 30 days to a home I am remodeling and have an order to start FIOS at the new house. The house was previously wired for Comcast, Direct TV and FIOS.  I have no idea if any of the FIOS cabling works.  The walls are open and want a tech to come to the house to check out the cabling while the walls are open. I am will to pay for thi service.  On 8/27/15 I Verizon gave me a ticket {edited for privacy} to send a tech to the new house.  Today I was told the ticket never made it to dispatch and to create a new ticket.  This experience is very frustrating.   What can Verizon do to help me.

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You will need to contact the appropriate department and request a new ticket/appointment and ask for assurance of the date/time.