FIOS tech support is the worst ever,
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The Pacific part 4 is listed as available on their website's guide but isn't showing up on any of my STBs.  The first guy I spoke to via the online chat told me it's not their problem and I should call HBO.  Really?  How is telling the customer to do their job for them "customer service"?  Then I speak to somebody on the phone about it and get told it's a known outage.

To make matters worse, I called tech support on March 29th about a problem with The Pacific part 3 not playing properly on HBO On Demand in either standard or HD.  They tell me that there is an outage and they will have it fixed in 24-48 hours.

One week later, I'm still having the problem but they went and closed the ticket so I go and call them back about it.  They tell me that they are still having an outage and that they don't know when (or if) the problem will get resolved, and when I mention part 4 the CSR tells me that it may not be available in my region yet (even though it's 2 days after it's available date) and that I have to contact their Encore department so I can order it.  Really?  I need to contact this department to order something that I AM ALREADY PAYING FOR!?! Really?

Re: FIOS tech support is the worst ever,
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Hi cnjartist, just saw your post. I know its a little late, but it is currently available. Sorry for any inconvenience.